What you need to know about Macro/Calorie calculators and templates.

In the past few years, I’ve been observing a rapid growth of automatization within the nutrition field. This quick methodology benefits the providers of such services, it allows them to cater to more people and sell templates at a much faster pace without their intervention, it’s a good cost-effective business overall. But what happens toContinue reading "What you need to know about Macro/Calorie calculators and templates."

Processed Foods

I think it is time to start using the term ‘processed food’ correctly, understand its real meaning, and that there is a difference from ‘ultra-processed’ food. The vilification of processed foods only shows a lack of understanding because avoidance is practically impossible and unnecessary, the confusion might have started by utilizing the wrong terminology andContinue reading "Processed Foods"

If I hear “clean eating” one more time…

One of my clients like many others, "wanted to lose some 'flab' around the midsection" and see some definition. Upon assessment, I found out that she had a very low lean mass (muscle and bone) percentage. She wanted to talk about nutrition because she “sometimes only eats one meal a day, very ‘clean’ and notContinue reading "If I hear “clean eating” one more time…"

“METABOLISM” & “Cardio”

METABOLISM – BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) -TEF (Thermic Effect of Food) – EEE Exercise Energy Expenditure) – NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).  Do you know why increasing cardio is not giving you the expected results? That’s because, during a caloric deficit, the physical activity components, Exercise and NEAT, of the calorie equation are inversely proportional toContinue reading "“METABOLISM” & “Cardio”"

A tale of impatience related to training and results. 

Matajuro (a.k.a. Munefuyu) Yagyu (1613-75) was the son of the famous swordsman Munenori Yagyu who was a fencing teacher to the Shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa. Believing that Matajuro was too undisciplined to ever achieve mastery, Munenori disowned him. So Matajuro, hoping to redeem himself in his father’s eyes, went to seek out a famous swordsman named Banzo, whoContinue reading "A tale of impatience related to training and results. "

Carbs; why do some people fear them and others love them?

Long ago we realized that eating bread, or carbohydrates in general showed us a quick increase in scale weight, and sometimes we felt bloated and clothes seemed tighter.  But now we have new knowledge that explains why it happens and why it shouldn’t be a concern.  Let’s start from the basics: The food we eatContinue reading "Carbs; why do some people fear them and others love them?"

Calorie-Counting; meals vs recipes and my family doesn’t like that.

This is a very recurrent topic so I'm going to attempt to simplify it as much as I can. When one member of the family is attempting a caloric deficit, it may seem difficult to feed the whole family "diet" food; the good news is that you don't have to. The bad news is thatContinue reading "Calorie-Counting; meals vs recipes and my family doesn’t like that."

The ‘Tears’ of Doms and how nutrition can help in this tale of woe, injuries, and pain.

As far as the body’s concerned, the ideal scenario would occur when energy intake perfectly matches energy expenditure. We also know that it will fight to stay there, and there are very important reasons for our body to try to maintain this homeostasis or ‘unchanging” state. Because energy imbalances can affect a lot more thanContinue reading "The ‘Tears’ of Doms and how nutrition can help in this tale of woe, injuries, and pain."

Detoxes, cleanses, and other hogwashes.

To detox or not to detox, that is the question. To answer that question we have to first understand what a detox is and what a detox can do for you.  Technical understanding (and why you don’t need supplements for it): Let’s start with the most technical term; detoxification is the process through which the body automaticallyContinue reading "Detoxes, cleanses, and other hogwashes."

Tips to work Nutrition and Training around the holidays

Plan ahead and get your mind ready to put that plan into action. Remember that Thanksgiving and Christmas are one day in a month each; not a week, or two, or a few months until the new year.  One day of overeating, no matter how much, won't ruin anyone's progress but two or three monthsContinue reading "Tips to work Nutrition and Training around the holidays"

Diets & quick fixes vs behaviors & habits

This is dedicated to all of you that have tried it all but still feel that are struggling, to the chronic dieters that feel like nothing works for them, to those that are starting to understand that quick fixes don’t work but they do not know what else to do because let me tell you,Continue reading "Diets & quick fixes vs behaviors & habits"

Exercise variations for beginners

Fitness can and should be all-inclusive, where anyone wanting to start an exercise program feels comfortable enough to try and succeed, yet most exercise recommendations are only suitable for already fit or strong people and would send any beginner to Never-ever again land. It doesn’t have to be that way; we all started somewhere, andContinue reading "Exercise variations for beginners"

Exercise-induced amenorrhea

“Being under about 45 and not having a period for years and years is a real medical problem. If medical issues are ruled out then increased calorie intake is always indicated. The risks of going amenorrheic from exercise are very significant. Female athlete triad, the osteoporosis can get so severe that you get fractures just fromContinue reading "Exercise-induced amenorrhea"