About us

About SS101 founders:

Tanye has earned the respect of the powerlifting world by being an impressive world champion powerlifter holding multiple records who has improved her body composition while increasing her strength, she is a master at tackling setbacks and coming back even stronger, and she continues to do so by consistently working on her own journey. She possesses the knowledge, tenacity, and personal experience to draw from and is soon to become USPA-certified PL coach, not to mention, that she is an inspiration to us all.

Mariana has so many certifications from Precision Nutrition and several International Sports Sciences Association credentials as well as a Powerlifting Programming Coach. Still, they don’t hold a candle to the intuitive way she programs nutrition and training for her many clients both online and on the gym floor. She has also learned from working under Registered Dietitians’ mentorship and by studying nutrition science at Buenos Aires University. She loves reading research as well as consistently learning to improve her skills. She is known for asking multiple questions to ensure she has a thorough understanding, looking at the big picture, and thoroughly addressing the needs of her clients, getting them on track quickly and with ease.

Testimony from one of our clients that went from Zero to Hero, we love you Mandy B!!!

Let’s build something together.